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Chickpea, Garlic and Braised Kale Spaghetti (Vegan, Gluten Free)

“I just bought a new cookbook at Costco and spent the good part of my recent beach vacation reading and marking up the recipes I wanted to try.  It’s not a vegetarian cookbook but it has an abundant amount of meatless recipes in it and the ones that contain meat are easy enough to alter. […]

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Cheddar cheesy sauce and pasta

Vegan “Cheddar Cheesy” Sauce & Pasta

-If you are having a house full of guests this weekend, this can be a GREAT dish to have around for the kids and adults alike to snack on as a light lunch or easy meal.  Make the cheese sauce in advance and you’ll have a super simple throw together meal.- “My son has been […]

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winter farro with roasted mushrooms and squash

Winter Farro with Roasted Mushrooms and Squash (Vegan)

“Farro is a grain that’s been enjoyed since ancient times. It’s high in fiber, protein and nutrients and absolutely delicious with a nutty, full flavor and an appealing chewy texture. Farro, also known as emmer, was one of the earliest domesticated crops in the Near East.  It was grown in Egypt and Mesopotamia and eventually […]

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Cookbook Review: Happy Herbivore and Everyday Happy Herbivore by Lindsay S. Nixon

  I just added these two new cookbooks to my collection and within a few short weeks they are already showing signs of wear and tear as I  madly make one recipe after another from them.  Both are written by Lindsay S. Nixon.  The first one, Happy Herbivore was published earlier this year in February and the […]

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A New Cookbook In Review ~ Appetite for Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

One of my newest and already favorite cookbooks is Appetite For Reduction by Isa Chandra Moskowitz.  I have found almost every recipe I make from this book is delicious.  As a flavor enthusiast I can never make a recipe by the book.  I always have to tweak this or that, add something entirely left out, or […]

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