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Rosemary-Garlic-Dijon Red Potatoes (Vegan)

I have to tell you, I’m not really a potato salad kind of girl.  That doesn’t stop me from piling a big helping on my plate at every picnic and barbecue though.  The thing is, I love potatoes and I really want to love potato salad.  But it always seems bland and boring to me. I usually […]

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sweet potato enchiladas - left

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Chipotle Enchiladas

“Vegetarian Times touted this dish as their reader recipe contest winner in their December 2011 issue.  For a non-traditional enchilada recipe to win the cover photo for their holiday issue, I knew this had to be something special . . . and it is!  I don’t especially love sweet potatoes in savory casseroles but when […]

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Shepherds Pie

Vegan Shepherd’s Pie (No-Guilt Version)

“In the spirit of warm comfort food, what can be more delish than a warm bowl of Shepherd’s Pie? But the calories–Oh, my!  Indulge in this and be guilt free.  This lower calorie, lower fat version is served right in a bowl, sans the pie crust (who needs all the fuss and fat of actually making a […]

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Warm Roasted Baby Potatoes and Onions

Warm Roasted Baby Potatoes And Onions

“I love the variety of purple, red and yellow potatoes.  Especially when you cook them together for a beautiful and delicious meal.  In the spirit of making easy sides this week, it’s hard to beat this when it comes to low effort dishes.  This savory side requires very little chopping since you use mini baby potatoes.  I buy […]

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Mexican Casserole

Chipotle Mexican Guisado (Mexican Casserole)

“A delicious one-dish Mexican casserole chock full of beans, roasted potatoes, bell peppers and protein packed quinoa!  I throw in lots of my signature Chipotle Mexican seasoning for a smoky and spicy flare.  The seasoning is easy to whip up and you can make extras to keep on hand for later use in taco’s or burritoes. This dish takes […]

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Ethiopian Chickpea Stew

Ethiopian Inspired Chickpea Stew with Rustic Flatbread

“A spicy and aromatic stew inspired by some of the wonderful flavors you often find in Ethiopian dishes. An array of flavorful spices compliment simple ingredients that slow cook to perfection.  Served over a rustic flatbread or a baked  whole wheat pita and you have yourself a full satifying and aromatic dish. Delish!” The flatbread I made is a […]

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Spicy Potato Cauliflower Curry

Spicy Potato-Cauliflower Curry

“A delicious full-flavored curry dish that is as impressive looking as it is tasty.  Because this is especially good the next day, I usually make this recipe on my day off so I can use it as our lunch and dinner for the following days.  I also find I often make this dish for company. […]

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Crustless Potpie

Crustless Potpie Over Sweet Potato Biscuit

“Think “Turkey Dinner” without the turkey!  Or at least comfort food without all the guilt!  To me, this encompasses all the tastes of a home cooked turkey dinner–vegetarian style. Everyone loves pot pie but we all know it’s typically laden with calories and fat.  This vegetarian version satisfies your craving and makes you feel good afterwards. Instead of […]

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Baked Tri-Fries

Baked Tri-Fries

“When you’re in the mood for fries… but without the guilt!  This is a delicious array of russet, purple and sweet potatoes for a nutritional storehouse! Ingredients 6 medium russet potatoes 3 purple potatoes 1 sweet potato 1 tsp chipotle chile powder 1 tablespoon mild chile powder 1 tablespoon salt 1 tablespoon garlic powder 3 […]

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Quinoa-Potato Cakes

Quinoa Potato Cakes With Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

“A crispy quinoa patty served with Roasted Red Pepper sauce. This recipe is very versatile. Change the quinoa to cooked and drained lentils, add curry for Indian style cakes or leave out the spinach. Try your own version!” Ingredients 1 large egg 2 Tbsp flour 2 Tbsp almond butter (or peanut butter) 1 1/2 tsp […]

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